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Vacation Bucket List

Everyone with aspirations has a bucket list. I’m excited to announce as of 2021, 90% of my bucket list was achieved (until I recently added more):

Operate Jetski

Ride in Helicopter

Operate ATV

Go to Disneyworld

Drive a Sports car

Skydive Experience

See a Fox


Pet a Kangaroo

Interact with a Dolphin

Go on a Food Tour

Go on Brewery Tour

See Performing Bears

See Statue of Liberty

See Elephants

All you can Sample Liquor

Go to a Circus

Tour a Battleship

See a Magic Show

See Mt Rushmore

See Dancing Horses

Other Fun Projects

I didn’t include these in bucket list, but I’m happy for the experience:

  • See Performing Killer Whales
  • See Penguins, Tucan, zebras, gorillas, prairie dogs
  • Go on whale watching tour
  • See a live lobster
  • Go to Legoland and Universal Studios
  • Many side fun adventures including food and sightseeing

Remaining Bucket List

  • See an active volcano (in helicopter)
  • Operate snowmobile
  • Hold a Koala Bear
  • Pet a Panda
  • Ride in a Jet
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Scuba diving
  • Go to an immersive museum (AR)
  • See Performing monkeys
  • Any new experience (growing list)

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