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Use These Budgeting Resources When Visiting Hawaii

Koko Crater Arch by Michael Weinhart

We did a Google search for how much it costs to visit Hawaii, and this is what we found:

Using our budgeting resources to knock down prices, our expenses approximated $4-5k for a 3 week stay in Hawaii. Our itinerary contains 2 Weeks in Oahu, 3 days in Maui, and 4 days in the Big Island of Hawaii.


  • GoCity 7 day all inclusive pass
  • Coffee and Chocolate Tour
  • Small group tasting tour
  • Volcano National Park Safari
  • Lua Experience
  • Kualoa Grown Tour
  • Polynesian Adventure Tour – Helicopter
  • Self-guided Exploring


  • 8 BOGO Restaurant Gift cards
  • 2 week stay at Ohia Waikiki
  • Rental car booked for 3 islands
  • Interconnected flights to Oahu, Maui, and Big Island
  • 3 nights at Northshore Hostel in Maui
  • 4 nights at Castle Waimea in Big Island

These are all preplanned bookings, ready to go when arriving. We anticipate more expenses upon arrival including: parking, taxes, food, and gas.

When choosing a credit card, we knew right away our vacation will cost more than $2000. We made all purchases with the IHG One Traveler card to earn 80k bonus points. These points can later be redeemed for 2-3 free nights at any IHG Hotel. After qualifying for the bonus, we applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. We expect our remaining expenses will qualify us for the 60k sign up bonus. This credit can be used for future vacation planning.

  1. We stocked up on gift cards. Every week this website advertises BOGO gift cards. This helps us save 50% our dining. First come first serve and limited quantity. Find gift card vendors in your area.

2. We utilized our tools to find Restaurants with loyalty programs. Signing up as a member grants access to first time customer freebies. Find Restaurants with loyalty programs in our catalogue.

3. We have an entertainment book subscription that provides us an inventory of coupons. You can become a member for $34.99 and have nationwide access to coupons for a full year.

4. We installed apps including Grubhub and Fivestar, granting us access to additional deals.

We have travel agency partners that provide member only rates. As we explore our options for Hotels and rental cars, we found the best deal at This travel agency matches best offers and provide rewards for all bookings. Gain member access to our travel agencies.

We have a number of things we want to do in Hawaii. As we mentioned earlier, our itinerary is booked up with activities. To find the best tourist offers, we utilized TicketsAtWork and GoCity Hawaii for the 7 day all inclusive pass. Find deals in hawaii. Don’t forget to also book tourist activities using these travel agencies.

Credit Cards: We mentioned earlier that we are using credit cards to accumulate points. From purchases we are making already, we’re on a fast track to 140k points to redeem for free hotel stays, flights, and more. From our list of credit cards, you can strategically use them to reap bonuses and category purchases (like 4x points per $1 spent). For example, $50 spent at restaurants will translate to 200 in points.

Rental car rewards: We booked 21 days of rental car. We’ll be earning rewards with Dollar and Sixt. These points can add up to free car upgrades, rental days, and more. Don’t forget to earn rental car rewards.

Airline rewards: We have a total of 4 flights planned in our itinerary. We’ll be earning rewards for American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. Don’t forget to earn flight rewards.

Travel Agency Rewards: Lastly, we booked our hotels, rental cars, and some tourist attractions with alohahawaiitoursandtravel. Because of our direct membership, we earn rewards that accumulate for purchase credit towards another vacation. Access exclusive member deals with our partner travel agencies.

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