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Strategic Budgeting for Everday Decisions

How much do you love to travel? How important is it to you to accomplish this dream? In this article, we discuss how your day to day decision making impacts your long term conditions. Depending on your priorities in life and discipline, determines where you’ll be at months and years from now.

What Are Your Priorities?

Which is more important to you: owning or using right now?

If your priority is to own a house for example, most of your money will be allocated towards paying off the mortgage. A $200k asset will require a financial plan and years of pay off and upkeep.

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However, if you decide to live a nomadic life, $200k isn’t a burden, you’re debt free, and you can travel as your finances and time allows.

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How is Your Discipline?

Can you get by with less so you can do more later?

If you know math well, you can learn how to manipulate numbers in terms of dollars. The amount ($$$) X duration (months) = definite results (your conditions). If you can pay less for your rent, your hobbies, and unnecessary activities, factor how much you can save in a matter of time.

If you can manage to save 1k/ month from cut costs, you’re well on your way to allocating for savings and adventures. However, the temptation is always presented to party, hang with friends, have nice things, etc. The other option you have is to work more for the added income you need for these trips.

Earn More and Save More

Wealth is attained by intentional decisions day to day. Ignore the world’s allurements, work hard, and be intelligent with how you spend.

1) Find your worth and work towards the best wages

2) Do research, don’t impulse buy

3) Opportunity will come where your dollar stretches farther. Don’t miss it.

From Mike

I chose to live in subpar living conditions, work 2 jobs, have less and do less for lengthy time to arrange better experiences later. I made less than 40k all my life, compromised certain needs for the chance to achieve my dreams. You can do it too!!!

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