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Our Partnership with Aloha Hawaii Tours and Travel

How I found Aloha Tours and Travel

I stumbled on this touring agency when I was looking for tourism deals in Hawaii. My research was followed by a phone call offering me free hotel nights if I listen to their presentation. As you would conclude, this presentation is the agency’s invitation to join their membership. I listened for about 45 min and observed what they have to offer. Before buying into their program, I searched for verifiable information that confirmed their legitimacy. Unfortunately, Aloha Tours and Travel had more negative reviews than positive feedback.

Taking a Chance, The Long Term Partnership

The referring representative of Aloha Hawaii Tours and Travel made much effort to persuade me in their sale. A one time offer if I join included:

  • 7 free hotel nights at 1 of their locations internationally
  • 1k credit towards Hawaii tourism activities from Aloha Hawaii Tours
  • 4 free hotel nights at 1 of their locations in the USA
  • An added bonus per my request: boomerang rewards for referral

I paid a premium for a 10 year membership with only $100/year to maintain my status. This is indeed was a shot in the dark hoping this is a great travel opportunity.

Verified Quality Service and Memorable Experience

Our partnership was put to the test when I booked my travels to Hawaii, 9/24/23 – 10/14/23. I booked my hotels, rental cars, and tourist activities through this travel agency. Additionally, they honored my 1k credit bonus for signing up as a new member.

On the Sights and Bites Tour with my travel agency rep, Mike.

Used my 1k credit on their advertised tour, “North Shore Adventure Tour”

I Recommend Aloha Hawaii Tours and Travel

Aloha Hawaii Tours and Travel have taken care of me and provided a seamless experience through my journey. Mike worked with me to ensure my schedule lined up and accommodated my flustered arrangements, Furthermore, he gave me tips on where to find the best parking and more things to do in Hawaii.

Ka Moana Lua, a fully covered experience because of my partnership.

Join me in working with this exceptional Travel Partner, Aloha Hawaii Tours and Travel.

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