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Michael’s Review of Travel Agencies and Credit Card Point Redemptions

IHG by far was my favorite reward redemption agency. I was able cancel, change reservations, and manage the flexibility of the IHG app to accommodate my plans. Additionally, all 0f my stays were quality experiences. Clean rooms, breakfast, as well as the pool/spa included. Redeeming points and getting the 4th night free is a great promotion.

Using the points earned with my Sapphire Preferred Credit Card is pretty straightforward. Logging into the Chase app and navigating to the Ultimate Chase Reward section was pretty straightforward.

The UCR representative is very helpful. They credited my account when applicable and helped me get a hold of the right people. The Viator suppliers were not very reliable though. I’ve had 5 cancel reservations on me in such short notice. 2 canceled on me the day before the trip.

In summary, using UCR has been great for their friendly and timely service. I was able to book different trips within days notice. I’d like to note that reserving tourism is particularly difficult for popular bookings. (must have flexible plans to fit activities)

Redeeming points for a 1 way flight
redeeming points for a rental car

American Airlines helped ensure that my flight suited my schedule and had flexibility when the plane is overbooked. Some planes included entertainment where I can watch movies on my phone.

I’d like to note that American Airlines has a great promotion point for reserving a rental car.

Cons: There’s no option for booking tourist activities. Additionally, the flight booking process is a bit deceptive. When redeeming points, they can adjust the sale at a moments notice. If you book a flight, they’ll jack prices up when you look for another flight with your rewards. See example below when I addressed the representative:

I visited Vacation Rewards out of curiosity when looking for travel deals. A representative reached out to me to sell me on a subscription. I paid $699 to be have permanent access with only an annual fee of $29. They gave me all kinds of bonuses just for signing up. Booking a cruise was my way of testing to see if they are credible.

Travel Rewards Rep booking my Cruise
1 of my bonuses for signing up

With confidence I can now validate them for following through with their service, allowing me to arrange for an affordable cruise.

After the reservation was made, I had access to where I was able to manage and view my trip.

Norwegian Jewel Cruise

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