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Budgeting For Food at PDX and LAX

Sep 23rd, I booked a flight from PDX to HNL with a layover in LAX. Upon arrival at PDX, I check in with American Airlines. At the self check in kiosk, I enter my AA loyalty number. A Critical step for earning flight rewards.

As I head to my gate Gate, I developed an appetite. First thing I do is check for restaurant deals at the airport. I find McDonald’s and Starbucks, merchants that usually offer rewards. Looking at the McDonalds app, I discovered an opportunity to redeem my mcd rewards for a free sandwich and a 50% off coupon.

I relax in an economy seat on a 2 hour flight into LAX. A pleasant trip With a complementary cookie and drink. I do note that there was condensation occasionally dripping from the A/C above me.

Boarding off the plane and entry in to the next gate was seamless.

Waiting to board LAX-HNL, again I searched for the restaurant deals around the terminal. Searching in apps, coupon, subscription, and advertised loyalty programs, none to be found. I resolve to pay full price for a pastry that looked appetizing.

After a 3 hour wait, I board my last connected flight into Hawaii. I am greeted and receive complementary refreshments as well. This flight, also comfortable, but not up to par. My row, including myself, had no power going to the outlets. We resorted to utilizing our personal power banks.

Review of American Airlines economy.

  • Accommodating but not impressive 

Review of restaurant budgeting experience 

  • few deal options in PDX
  • no deal options in LAX

In summary, it is hit or miss when finding deals at the airport. Merchandise will have a premium for traveling tourists.

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