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Learn from Example, a Budgeted Vacation Real-Time

Plan ahead with great deals
Book amazing experiences
Walk away with rewards
  1. Preparation Phase – In this article, I explain all of the budgeting prep work put into traveling to Hawaii. This includes using the right credit card, booking hotels, rental cars, restaurant gift cards, tourist activities and earning rewards.
  2. Realtime food budgeting – Learn how to get special deals on restaurants during your trip. This tutorial covers apps and coupons to help you save when dining out.

3. Earn rewards for bookings – Don’t miss a beat when it comes to rewards. Whether it’s flight, rental car, hotel, or tourist activity, find out if you can earn from your purchase.

4. Seek out free local activities – Keep your eyes and ears open for nearby activities. Talk to people and find out if there is opportunity in the local community.

5. Walk away with credit card rewards – Many credit cards have a spending criteria to receive a sign on bonus. You can qualify for high rewards for using such cards for your traveling expenses.

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