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Michael’s Budgeting Blog for Affordable Dining

  • Strategic Budgeting for Everday Decisions

    How much do you love to travel? How important is it to you to accomplish this dream? In this article, we discuss how your day to day decision making impacts your long term conditions. Depending on your priorities in life and discipline, determines where you’ll be at months and years from now. What Are Your… Read… Read more

  • Learn Real-Time How to Earn Credit Card Bonuses

    If you have read other articles that I have shared regarding earning credit card rewards, then this post will be a great practical example of how you can walk away with big rewards after budgeting your vacation with the right credit cards. In the article: “Use These Budgeting Resources When Visiting Hawaii,” I share how… Read… Read more

  • Budgeting For Food at PDX and LAX

    Sep 23rd, I booked a flight from PDX to HNL with a layover in LAX. Upon arrival at PDX, I check in with American Airlines. At the self check in kiosk, I enter my AA loyalty number. A Critical step for earning flight rewards. As I head to my gate Gate, I developed an appetite.… Read… Read more