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Benefits of Strategic Eating out

Quality Food For a Discount- To eat out frequently can dig a hole in your wallet. When done correctly, you eat like a king and pay a fraction of retail price. The strategy is to utilize sign up deals when available, rack up rewards in a restaurant’s loyalty program while using bogo coupons.

Credit card rewards – there are credit cards that offer cash back up to 5x per dollar spent. When replacing your grocery habits to eating out frequently, your points pile up fast. Using the US Bank Go Altitude Card, you earn 4x points per $1 spent

Occasional free meals– as mentioned before, accumulated points can be redeemed for freebies. We also want to mention that restaurants are generous enough to give free food during your birthday. To get started, choose a restaurant in your area for deals. Sign up on their website, and utilize the rewards program every time you make a purchase.

Passive cash back- Lastly, the ability to link credit cards to apps that accumulate money from affiliate restaurants. By the end of a year, you should expect at least $30 cash back. For example, Dosh shows retailers in your area. Link your credit card to the app and make a purchase at the selected retailer to earn cash back.

In summary, the strategy is to eat well, save money, and save time long term. Every dollar saved is every dollar available for something else.

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