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Author’s Favorite Restaurants

Fogo De Chao

Steak. Free public domain CC0

Churrasco Experience. This is my favorite restaurant for all you can eat quality meats: Steak, lamb, sirloin steak, sausage, filet-mignon, and more. Servers walk around tables and offer guests a slice of meat. The meat is made to perfection and is accompanied with delicious cheese bites at your table. The experience includes a full salad bar. Drinks are separate though. Normally the price is out of my range, but with certain discounts, it’s worthwhile.Yes they offer deals when you subscribed to their eclub.

  • Brazillion Steak House
  • $55 Dinner and $45 Lunch

Makoto Japanese Buffet

Free sushi image

One of the only sushi buffets I know. It is my favorite choice for seafood variety. Although the price is a bit high, they do honor free birthday buffet with the purchase of 2 adults in your party (must show ID).

  • Weekend Prices: $21.99
  • Daily Prices: Lunch $15.99, Dinner $19.99

HK Cafe

Free Chinese dim sum photo
Dim Sum

This place offers comprehensive variety of Dim Sum dishes. Similar to Fogo De Chao, servers push carts of food to present guests. Each plate is pay-per-Item. For example: order 4 pcs of shumai for $4. I have a weakness for Dim Sum. To this day, I havn’t been to a restaurant that competes with their services. However, this restaurant doesn’t offer any deals.

Que Pasa Cantina

People sharing a plate of Mexican
Mexica Food

This is my favorite Mexican Restaurant because they offer Traditional Mexican Food with American flavors. I’ve been to many Mexican restaurants, and the menus don’t have too much variation. This is type of restaurant is where you go to explore delicious flavors with standard dishes. For example, I ordered the “Cheesy Gringo Tacos,” which turned upgraded tacos to be more like a chalupa with melty cheese cooked inside. This type of restaurant is why I love exploring new possibilities in food. Unfortunately, there are no deals offered.

Preferred Low Cost Pizza

Free pizza image

My favorite pizza franchise is Pizza Hut. Although this is a matter of preference, I’d say they offer the best tasting pizza below $16. With the mix of tasty buttered dough and stuffed crust, it’s hard to compete with flavor and affordability. They offer rewards and frequent coupons.

Wayback Burgers

My favorite fast food burger joint. Their burgers are large, patties are flavorful, the buns are made perfect. (toasted with butter) Additionally, they honor coupons and have rewards.

Sickie’s Garage

French fries and hamburger

My favorite dine in burger joint. This place has one of the largest burger options I’ve seen. Red neck style, creative mixes, and alcohol options. I first got introduced this restaurant because they mailed me coupons. They offer rewards and occasionally coupons to their loyal members.

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