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Attend Free Local Events When You Need an Adventure

Everywhere I travel to, if I have an available schedule, I check for online news and recommendations from others. I use Eventbrite to filter for relevant events in my area and a basic google search to see what populates. Continue reading how I was able to participate in amazing adventures without effecting my budget.

Upon visiting Maui, I chose to stay at Howzit Hostels because of the affordability it provided. As a bonus to booking at this location, I was fortunate to participate in activities organized by the staff. The Hostel has a community board where they host group events throughout the week. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend these events:

Backyard Cookout

$10 for dinner
Cookout organized by Howzit Staff

Road to Hana Tour


♬ sail away (instrumental) – lovelytheband

During my time on the Big Island, I had some free time available. Wanting to make the most of my adventure, I did some research on nearby activities. Coincidently, my Hotel was in Waimea, and there was an event just a few miles away:

Waimea Fall Festival

This festival is a family fun event that gives visitors the opportunity to buy from local vendors, listen to a local band, and fun activities for the kids.

In summary, I share with you the advice to expand your adventures by learning what is happening around y0u. Take note of locations, dates, and area of interest you seek.

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