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2019 Travels

Dates Traveled: Aug 2 – Aug 24

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Starting location: Portland, Oregon

States Traveled: Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana

Saved money with food: using resources such as restaurant rewards, coupons, Fivestar app, and Groupon. Also rationing my meals.

Lodging: rest stops, hostel in Chicago, resort in Wisconsin, and staying the night at relatives in Nebraska and Indiana

Miles Driven: 5990

Entertainment savings: Idaho Gocity, Groupon, Chicago City Pass, National Park Year Pass, and searching for deals on retailer websites.

Total spent in Gas: 416.44

Total cost in food: 91.58

Total cost in activities: 1049.04

Total cost in this adventure: 1557.06

1. Idaho

2. Wyoming

3. South Dakota

4. Nebraska

5. Iowa

6. Indiana

7. Illinois

8. Wisconsin

9. Minnesota

10. North Dakota

11. Montana

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