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Food and Travel Budgeting is an informational resource to help you save when dining and traveling. 

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Picture of Michael in front of a hotel

Hello friend, my name is Michael. I’m a budgeting strategist and content creator. Coming from a background of poverty, I created this resource as a way to afford amazing experiences around my budget. With all of my budgeting tips poured into this website, I can’t wait to help you afford your adventures. 

Picture of Dickey's BBQ pit food in Hawaii

Equipping you with the best resources to help you save at RestaurantsUtilize our built-in search engine to identify deals for a particular restaurant. Find offers near you using the Restaurant Catalogue. Explore our database of advertised birthday deals and referral codes. Install appspurchase coupons and gift cards to expand your deal inventory.

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Find all the tips you need to afford your next vacation. Find deals and recommendations for each state with my Tourism Catalogue. Access the best rates with my partner travel agencies. Learn how to maximize your rewards with Hotels, Rental Cars, driving, and flying. Lastly, when you spend you earn teaches you how to tie this all together. You’ll truly save and come out ahead with compound rewards.

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Restaurant Experiences

Read about Mike’s Restaurant Experiences realtime. He’s been to over 900 restaurants in his lifetime, Get tips and recommendations to help you budget your dining.

Travel Inspirations

Plan your next vacation using the tips shared in Mike’s Travel Inspirations. He’s been to all 50 States and is going international. Read to learn his tricks to affordable tourism.

Get tips, tricks, and ideas for budgeting as I share my adventures.